Economic cooperation between Spain and Latin America for climate finance

Collaborative economic efforts between Spain and Latin America are vital in accelerating climate action. Such partnerships enhance climate resilience, promote sustainable development, and set a global example of addressing the climate crisis. This event serves as a platform to drive meaningful change through cross-border economic collaboration.

This event in the Spain Pavilion underscores the vital importance of fostering economic cooperation between Spain and Latin America. It emphasizes the need for joint efforts to combat climate change through strategic partnerships, highlighting the significance of international collaboration in addressing global climate challenges.

This responds to the increasing urgency of climate change, focusing on green finance and investments for eco-friendly projects. Highlighting the global shift towards renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure.


Gonzalo Muñoz / UN High-level Climate Champion COP25, and board member of GFANZ LAC


  • José Manuel Salazar / ECLAC Executive Secretary, United Nations
  • Alicia Montalvo / Manager of Climate Action and Positive Biodiversity of CAF
  • Ricardo Marshall / Roofs to Reefs Programme (R2RP), Barbados’ Prime Minister’s Office  
  • Cristina Reis / Undersecretary for Sustainable Economic Development, Secretariat of Economic Policies at the  Ministry of Finance, Brazil
  • Elsa Velasco / Team Leader EUROCLIMA+ 2020 at FIIAPP 

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