Forging Sound Climate Commitments: shaping a regulatory framework for Net Zero

During COP27, the 2022 international climate change conference, the United Nations (UN) High-Level Expert Group on the Net Zero Emissions Commitments of Non-State Entities released ‘Integrity Matters: Net Zero Commitments by Businesses, Financial Institutions, Cities and Regions’. This report provides a roadmap to ensure that businesses set and follow a robust net zero strategy, highlighting the importance of backing up net zero commitments with meaningful action. The report sets out ten recommendations, being one of them accelerating the road to regulation. 

Shaping a regulatory framework for achieving Net Zero emissions is paramount in the global fight against climate change. It underscores the crucial importance of international commitment and collaboration to establish a clear and effective framework that guides nations, businesses, and stakeholders toward Net Zero emissions. 

This event focuses on recommendation number  10: Accelerating the Road to Regulation.  It aims to serve as a catalyst for setting robust and accountable transition plans into regulatory frameworks in order to facilitate the transition to a sustainable, carbon-neutral world. It offers a comprehensive platform for discussing and shaping the regulatory framework necessary to transition toward establishing clear and robust net-zero commitments.


Nathan Fabian / Chief Sustainable Systems Officer / Principles for Responsible Investment


  • Helena Viñes / Chair / EU Platform on Sustainable Finance
  • Catherine Mackena / Chair / United Nation High Level Expert Group on Net Zero.
  • Irene Heemskerk, Head of the Climate Change Centre, European Central Bank
  • Thomas Tayler / Head of Climate Finance / AVIVA.
  • Richard Kozul Wright / Director of the Division on Globalization and Development Strategies / United Nations Conference on Trade and Development,
  • Eric Usher / Head / United Nations Environmental Program Finance Initiative.
  • Jo Tyndall / Director for the Environment / OECD.

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