Integrating national goals into local governance.

Besides being at the frontlines of climate change impacts., subnational governments are the primary implementers of policies for both mitigation and adaptation to climate change

This event will showcase city leadership in implementing the NDCs and adaptation goals.  The primary goal is to inspire and engage municipalities and regional governments in meeting national climate goals. By showcasing success stories, the event aims to share experiences highlighting achievements and challenges faced by different levels of government, fostering an enriching dialogue that encourages concrete actions to achieve climate goals.


María Castaño / Founder of 10 Bilion Solutions


  • ANA CIUTI / Responsible for International Relations of the elected Chief of Government of the City of Buenos Aires
  • Víctor Viñuales / Director ECODES
  • Wolfgang Teubner / Regional Director / ICLEI Europe
  • Mauricio Fabry / Environment, Biodiversity and Climate Action Coordinator of the Metropolitan Region of Santiago de Chile

Live View

You can follow the broadcast of the event on the YouTube channel.

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