Resilient EU 2030 (resilient supply chains for the ecological transition)

The unstable geopolitical scenario that has emerged in recent years as a result of contingencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2021 energy crisis, the Russian invasion of Ukraine or the more recent conflict between Israel and Palestine is continuously testing the resilience of the European industry, and compromising the path towards climate neutrality. As a response to these circumstances, the European Commission presented on February 1st 2023 the Green Deal Industrial Plan, with the aim of reinforcing the European industrial value chain. This scheme will serve to improve the competitiveness of the European net-zero industry, while supporting a rapid transition to climate neutrality. The EU Green Deal Industrial Plan sets the necessary framework to develop the European open strategic autonomy.

The open strategic autonomy reflects the need of Member States to reduce their external energy dependence as much as possible, while acknowledging that there are limits to own extraction capacities of raw materials, as well as to manufacturing capacities of key technologies for the energy transition. It recognises the importance of prioritising certain critical raw materials, as well as forging alliances with reliable partners outside the EU. The recently launched European Wind Power Action Plan, is an example of the EU’s commitment to work towards its open strategic autonomy.

The open strategic autonomy is a key priority for the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council, and it is present in all political conversations and debates. For that reason, the Presidency worked together with more than 250 experts and 80 Ministries of all Member States in the elaboration of the so-called Resilient EU 2030 report. This document is a strategic proposal that identifies nine lines of action to reinforce the global EU competitiveness and resilience in, among others, the energy sector.

This event brings together different actors of the energy sector to provide an overview of the opportunities and challenges that the energy transition entails for the industrial value chain. Participants will have the chance to discuss the importance of a resilient and competitive industry for the accomplishment of climate objectives.


Sara Aagesen / Secretary of State for Energy Spain


  • Germán Granda / CEO Forética 
  • Christophe McGlade / Head of Energy Supply Unit / IEA 
  • Philip Cole / Director of Industrial Affairs / WindEurope
  • Noam Boussidan/ Manager, Policy Engagement and Regional Action

Live View

You can follow the broadcast of the event on the YouTube channel.

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