The role of civil society in the energy transition

Civil society organizations, community groups, and concerned individuals are essential advocates for responsible energy policies and practices. Their active engagement and advocacy can drive meaningful change, promote inclusivity, and ensure that the energy transition is equitable and benefits all. This event explores the critical role of civil society in shaping the future of energy systems and advancing a sustainable, low-carbon world.

Current trends reflect a growing awareness of the importance of civil society in influencing energy policy and decision-making. Grassroots movements, environmental organizations, and local communities are actively advocating for cleaner, more accessible energy sources. The event delves into these trends, emphasizing the increasing impact of civil society in pushing for clean energy solutions, holding stakeholders accountable, and promoting energy justice.

 “The Role of Civil Society in the Energy Transition” brings together civil society leaders, energy experts, and policymakers to discuss and explore the essential contributions of civil society in the energy transition. It serves as a platform for sharing insights into the challenges and successes of civil society involvement, as well as strategies to ensure that the energy transition is just, sustainable, and inclusive. Attendees will gain a comprehensive understanding of how civil society can influence and shape energy policies and practices, driving a cleaner and more equitable energy future. This event is a crucial step in empowering civil society to continue their vital work in accelerating the energy transition.


United Nations High-Level Climate Champions: Nigel toppings, Global Ambassador


  • ECODES: Victor Viñuales, Co fundador y Director
  • Redeia: Pablo Nuno, Director Public & International Affairs
  • REN21: Rana Adib, Executive Director
  • UNICEF: Francisco Vera , Primer defensor del medio ambiente y la acción climática para América Latina y el Caribe

Live View

You can follow the broadcast of the event on the YouTube channel.

Live View

You can follow the broadcast of the event on the LinkedIn channel.

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