Business climate action and its contribution to Global Stocktake

The private sector wields significant influence in shaping climate action outcomes. Understanding and analyzing their contributions, challenges, and transformation are critical. This event underscores the significance of the private sector’s role in achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement, particularly in the Global Stocktake. It highlights how their engagement and transformation can accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, sustainable future.

Current trends underscore the growing recognition of the private sector’s role in climate action. More businesses are making climate commitments, incorporating sustainability into their strategies, and investing in clean energy. The event explores these trends, emphasizing the increasing alignment of private sector efforts with the Paris Agreement’s objectives and the challenges they encounter in their transformation.

Overview of the Event:

This events provides a platform for sharing insights into successful private sector initiatives, hurdles faced, and strategies for accelerating their transformation. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge about the key role the private sector plays in the Global Stocktake and the achievement of Paris Agreement goals.This event highlights the important role of the private sector in driving meaningful climate action and contributing to global sustainability.


Cristina Rivero / Director of the department of Industry, Energy, Environment and Climate / CEOE


  • Roberto Suarez / Secretary General IOE
  • María Mendiluce / CEO We Mean Business Coalition
  • Norine Kennedy / Senior Vice President / Policy & Global Strategy at USCIB
  • Joaquín Rodríguez / Director Hydrogen and Clean Power at Cepsa
  • David Roth / Director International Public Policy at Amazon

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