Challenges in the implementation of regenerative agriculture practices

This event  shines a spotlight on a critical agricultural shift that aims to revolutionize the way we produce food while enhancing sustainability and ecological health. In an era marked by climate change and the need for more sustainable farming, this event addresses the hurdles faced in adopting regenerative agricultural practices.

The event underscores the significance of transitioning from conventional farming methods to regenerative practices that prioritize soil health, biodiversity, and carbon sequestration. It provides a platform for farmers, researchers, policymakers, and environmentalists to explore the complexities and obstacles inherent in this transition.

Through in-depth discussions, this gathering offers a comprehensive overview of the challenges faced in scaling up regenerative agriculture, including access to resources, market demand, and education. It aims to equip participants with a deeper understanding of the hurdles and potential solutions, fostering a roadmap for broader adoption of regenerative agriculture practices. “Challenges in the Implementation of Regenerative Agriculture Practices” is a pivotal moment in the ongoing effort to transform the way we cultivate the land and manage our natural resources.


Carlo Fadda / Director of Biodiversity, Food and Agriculture and head of CGIAR Nature Positive Solutions


  • Elena Pita / Biodiversity Foundation Director. Spanish Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge
  • Daniel Zimmer / Director Sustainable Land Use at Climate-KIC
  • Sara J. Scherr / President and CEO EcoAgriculture Partners. Chair 1000 Landscapes for 1 Billion People
  • Fabrice Salamanca / VP Global Public Affairs at Danone
  • Tara Shyam / Director at Regen10
  • María Dolores Valderraín / Regenerative Mulching. Winners “Generación Clima”

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