Corporate leadership in climate action

Corporations play a central role in addressing the climate crisis due to their significant environmental impact and economic influence. Their leadership in adopting sustainable practices, reducing emissions, and driving innovation is paramount. This event spotlights the importance of corporate commitment to climate action, as it not only mitigates environmental harm but also fosters a culture of responsible business.

Current trends emphasize a growing realization among corporations that climate action is an imperative. Many businesses are now prioritizing sustainability, setting ambitious emission reduction targets, and embracing renewable energy. The event explores these trends, underlining the shift towards corporate responsibility for climate action and the increasing adoption of sustainable business practices.

 “Corporate Leadership in Climate Action” convenes corporate leaders, sustainability experts, and policymakers to discuss the pivotal role of businesses in addressing the climate crisis. It provides a platform for sharing insights into successful corporate climate initiatives, challenges faced, and strategies for driving meaningful change. Attendees will gain valuable knowledge about how corporate leadership in climate action can not only contribute to a sustainable planet but also enhance business competitiveness and reputation. This event is a significant step in empowering corporate entities to lead by example and be at the forefront of climate action.


Lucas Ribeiro / Accelerator Lead Climate Ambition Accelerator / UN Global Compact Spain


  • Clara Arpa / Board Member UN Global Compact Spain
  • Miguel Arroyo / Environmental Responsible, UN Global Compact Spain
  • Philippine Ménager / Project officer for ambition COP at ECODES
  • Tracy Wyman / Head de Outreach and Engagement in SBTi
  • Yolanda Fernandez / Director of Environment, Sustainability, Innovation and Climate Change at EDP
  • María de las Mercedes Vazquez / Functional Manager of Climate Change at REDEIA
  • Etienne Butruille / Sustainable Finance at Banco Santander

Live View

You can follow the broadcast of the event on the YouTube channel.

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