Democratizing Race to Zero

Recent global trends indicate a growing recognition of the need for democratizing climate action. The world has seen a surge in youth engagement and activism, and there’s a heightened focus on fostering inclusivity in climate initiatives. The event will delve into these trends, highlighting the importance of accessible and inclusive climate campaigns. It will emphasize that the global climate movement is increasingly focused on breaking down barriers to participation.

The “Democratizing Race to Zero” event serves as a platform for in-depth discussions on the critical intersection of accessibility, language, and success stories in climate action. It provides a comprehensive forum for sharing insights and strategies to ensure that the Race to Zero campaign is open and inclusive for all. Attendees will gain insights into how language choices, inclusivity efforts, and success stories can foster broad and meaningful participation in the global climate movement. This event is a significant step towards empowering diverse stakeholders to actively contribute to climate action and work together for a more sustainable and equitable future.


Mariana Castaño / 10 Billion Solutions


  • Philippine Ménager/ Executive Officer for Ambición COP, Comunidad #PorelClima, ECODES
  • Daniel Truran/ B Corp Ambassador, B Lab Europe
  • Camila Fernández / Engagement Lead LAC, Climate Champion Team
  • Mariluz Castilla/ Board Member and General Technical Secretariat, Spanish Green Growth Group
  • Bianca Cantoni/ Advocacy Advisor, ICLEI South America

Live View

You can follow the broadcast of the event on the YouTube channel.

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