How to improve the integrity of VCMs: IOSCO Good Practices

The largely unregulated nature of VCMs has motivated the emergence of different industry- led and public authority-led initiatives intended to address some of the challenges and potential vulnerabilities of these markets.

IOSCO’s primary focus is on financial market integrity, market infrastructure, and the behavior of market participants. With this in mind, we are presenting a set of Good Practices that can help promote a fair, efficient, stable, and liquid market for carbon credits, that accurately reflects supply and demand conditions and provides market participants with sufficient transparency and information.

This presentation will be followed by a panel discussion on how financial regulators can contribute to bringing integrity to VCMs, that will consider the state of VCMs, existing vulnerabilities and the role of financial regulators in mitigating them and the evolving approaches to voluntary carbon markets globally. 

Keynote speech

Rodrigo Buenaventura, Chair of the Spain CNMV


  • Verena Ross, Chair of ESMA 
  • Rostin Behnam, Chair of the US CFTC


  • Professor Lisa Wilson, Managing Director,  XTCC Investments
  • Riham Elgizy, CEO- Voluntary Carbon Market
  • Corli Le Roux, Senior Specialist, UN SSE
  • Anshari Rahman, Director, Genzero

Live View

You can follow the broadcast of the event on the YouTube channel.

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