Innovation as a lever for decarbonisation

Explore the role of fuels in the transition to a low-carbon economy. Address the prospects for green hydrogen development, the implementation of sustainable fuels, and innovation strategies in the transportation industry to combat climate change.

From a business perspective, switching to sustainable business models and renewable energy sources would be more sensible. Every company investing in renewable energy sources will tell you the same, particularly amidst the current power price hike. Some companies may become reliant on short-term government instruments to support them through the crisis, but in the mid-to-long term, only radical transformation and comprehensive innovation will keep companies competitive.

Green technologies such as hydrogen and carbon storage capacities represent not only efficient decarbonisation technologies, but also pave the way to new business opportunities. Given the cost of hydrogen electrolysis and hydrogen station networks, the challenge of green hydrogen is more financial and industrial than technical. The development of a new generation of smaller and more competitive fuel cells and the development of transportation and storage infrastructures will contribute to the development of green hydrogen with synergies along national hydrogen value networks.


Elvira Carles / Fundación Empresa y Clima


  • Juan Luis Pozo / Global Omnium
  • José Entrecanales / Acciona Energía
  • Javier Cervera / BALEÀRIA / Alianza Net Zero Mar
  • Carlos Martínez / Cementos Molins
  • Marc Falguera / STX Group
  • Alfredo Ingelmo / Naturgy
  • Carlos Garriga / We Are Water Foundation

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