LAC Race to Zero: Navigating A Just and Equitable Transition Towards COP30

The “LAC Race to Zero: Navigating A Just and Equitable Transition towards COP30” event aims to bolster the engagement of non-state actors (NSAs) in the LAC region in the Race to Zero Campaign. By collaborating with the esteemed partners, this event seeks to familiarize the RtZ Campaign with the region’s challenges and opportunities while accelerating climate action, fostering sustainable practices, and driving the transition to a carbon-neutral economy in the region.

By the end of the event, we envision fostering a renewed commitment to the Race to Zero Campaign in the LAC region. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to integrate effective solutions into their climate transition plans. Moreover, the event aims to strengthen the Race to Zero membership in the region, creating more robust and impactful partnerships working towards COP30 and beyond.

The event aims to be a pivotal gathering that sets the priorities for the Race to Zero campaign in Latin America as a preamble to COP30. Focused on the key aspects necessary for resilient climate development, the event will explore strategies and actions essential for achieving a sustainable and equitable future in the region. The narrative of the event revolves around unity, collaboration, and action. By addressing these key themes within the unique contexts of the Caribbean, Brazil, and Latin America as a whole, the event seeks to craft a roadmap for tangible and inclusive climate solutions.


Teresa Ruiz Tagle /  Excecutive Director at Corporate Leaders Group Chile


  • Viviane Romero / Director of Climate, Energy and Sustained Finance at CEBDS
  • Racquel Moses / CEO Caribbean Climate-Smart
  • Javier Silva / CSO of SQM
  • Karen Tanaka / South America Sustainability Manager at Ambev
  • José Pugas / Partner and Head of Responsible Investments and Engagement, JGP Asset Management
  • Philippine Ménager / Executive Officer for Ambición COP, Comunidad #PorelClima, ECODES

Live View

You can follow the broadcast of the event on the YouTube channel.

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