Leadership for Inclusive Climate Action

Club de Madrid is the world’s largest forum of democratic former presidents and prime ministers, drawing on their individual and collective leadership experience and global reach to strengthen inclusive democratic practice and improve the well-being of people around the world.

Club de Madrid is committed to the relationship between democracy, leadership and climate change. In the late 2000s it launched the Global Leaders for Climate Action (GLCA) initiative, which helped mobilise and shape political will towards an effective, equitable and binding global climate agreement. In September 2007, the organisation launched a Framework for a Climate Change Agreement after 2012, which called for four climate negotiation tracks climate negotiations (mitigation, adaptation, technology and finance). Some elements of this Framework were reflected in the Bali Action Plan, adopted in December 2007 at the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

This year Club de Madrid has been implementing an initiative Leadership for Net Zero to achieve climate neutrality from different perspectives and sector. We have engaged with private sector, former decision makers and citizens, to reflect on the kind of leadership needed to achieve net zero. The side event will be an opportunity to share the initial findings and recommendations, while also providing a platform to receive feedback from the participating audience which will allow us to continue building our policy recommendations and advocacy plan for them.


Adriana Rodriguez / Climate Strategy and partners


  • Carlos Alvarado, President of Costa Rica (2018-2022) and Member of Club de Madrid.
  • Helena Viñes / Chair / EU Platform on Sustainable Finance
  • Antoni Ballabriga, Global Head of Responsible Business, BBVA
  • Raekwon Chung, Board Director, Ban Ki-Moon Foundation for a Better Future and Former Climate Change Ambassador, Korea
  • Marina Bragante, Executive Director of Instituto AYA

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