Managing water resources and adapting to the climate emergency- how to set priority actions?  

Water is an essential resource, and its management is intricately linked to climate change. Sustainable water management is vital for adaptation and mitigation efforts. It impacts food security, ecosystems, and community resilience. This event explores the significance of integrating water management into climate action to ensure a sustainable and climate-resilient future.

Recent trends underscore the growing recognition of water management’s critical role in climate adaptation. Governments and organizations are increasingly focused on the need for water-efficient practices and climate-resilient infrastructure. The event delves into these trends, emphasizing the evolving landscape of water management, emerging technologies, and the growing importance of integrated approaches to tackle climate-related water challenges.

“Water Management and Climate Change” brings together experts, policymakers, and stakeholders to address the vital link between water and climate. It serves as a platform to discuss the challenges, innovations, and collaborative strategies necessary to ensure water security in a changing climate. Attendees will gain insights into the importance of effective water management and the role it plays in climate resilience. This event is a significant step toward driving action that integrates water management and climate change adaptation for a sustainable future.


Shirin Wheeler / Lead / EIB Communications


  • Ambroise Fayolle / Vice President /European Investment Bank
  • Franck Jesus / Climate and natural resource management specialist
  • Robert Brears / Our Future Water, NGO
  • Jeanette Coombs Lanot / Climate change and sustainability expert / Danone
  • Federico Ramos / Director / Veolia Madrid Water
  • Blanca Solans García /  Zaragoza City Council
  • Claudio Orrego / Governor of the Santiago Metropolitan Region

Live View

You can follow the broadcast of the event on the YouTube channel.

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