Youth for climate resilience: fostering mental health in a changing world.

Young people are inheritors of the world profoundly impacted by climate change, and their mental health and resilience are crucial. The world has witnessed a surge in youth engagement and activism in climate issues. As climate change accelerates, young people are increasingly at the forefront of advocacy and action.

This event underscores the importance of equipping youth with tools to cope with climate challenges, fostering mental well-being, and empowering them as climate leaders who can make a positive impact in an ever-changing world. It highlights the growing recognition of the mental health challenges young people face in a changing climate, as well as the resources and strategies to support their resilience. 

“Youth for Climate Resilience: Fostering Mental Health in a Changing World” will serve as a platform for youth leaders, mental health experts, and climate advocates to discuss the critical intersection of youth, climate action, and mental well-being. Attendees will gain insights into the current trends in youth-led climate movements and strategies to foster climate resilience and well-being.


Sacha Wright / Head of Impact and Research at Force of Nature. 


  • Pablo Morente Acale, Responsible for Climate Change and Development Cooperation, Spanish Youth Council
  • Benjamín Carvajal, RCOY Latin America Coordinator & Founder of Uno.Cinco
  • Emma Lawrance / Climate Cares Lead and Mental Health Lead at Institute of Global Health Innovation

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